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GOTW Vine Swinging and Shoo Bug

Today is another day to announce the GOTW this week Mio has not posted it on the blog yet but he told me at my cave that these were the games Vine Swingin’ and Shoo Bug they are both at Soggy bottom swamp so head on down to the swampy marsh and earn some coins.


In Shoo bug your main object of the game is to get as far as you can before falling of the vine into the swamp. Use your arrow keys to move up and down the vine, when ready press space bar to jump. When you are in the air, use the arrow keys to move forwards and backwards. When there is no vine to hang on, you can bounce on lily pads and over logs.Watch out for the crocs and the spider web balls!


Move your mouse to move the swatter and left click to swat the insects. Tighten your reflex’s and concentrate, these dino-bugs can be really fast! Let the shoo buggin’ begin!

Please give credit if you use this post with a link


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Wow!Flyboy and Mio together!

Heya dinos!Bluggindino here.Today Flyboy came as thiscoolguy and he told he is flyboy and he logged in as Flboy too!Mio joined the fun too!

I hope you guys were there!


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Pterry rocks Webosaurs Island

What a great weekend of Webosaurs Island! Pterry was everywhere this weekend. Friday he was doing math problems with the gang at the International Party and Saturday we all gathered at Jungle Beach to surprise Pterry. Pterry thought he was going to be throwing a quiz party and that his birthday was just going to be overlooked this year, he had no idea all of his friends were hiding out, waiting to surprise him! Boy oh boy was he surprised! Thanks to everyone that helped keep it a secret and thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate. Pterry was so surprised he almost forgot the quiz questions he was going to ask!This week is going to be awesome, with a lot of exciting things happening on Webosaurs Island, so stay tuned for details!



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MVA Trophy Arrival Time Confirmed!

Hey guys,

This wil be a  post about the arrival time for the MVA trophies. The time has been confirmed proof here

Also because they are arriving I just went to check Ingli’s cave to see the re-sized version (Before it was too big) this is what I found.



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Halloween Contest!!!!

[Update: You are allowed to draw it too!!!]



Today (Saturday, October 9, 2010) Is the beginning of the Webosaurs Expert halloween contest!!!! it will be a halloween banner contest here are the requirements

  • it has to be about this size  as close as you can get to the current banner banner.
  • has to have halloween colors black and orange.
  • has to have Webosaurs Expert in the banner.
  • Be creative! Maybe if you put a free halloween items in it it would look cool 😉

The contest will end in 15 days which is Sunday, October 24, 2010 the winner will get 1 coin code for webosaurs!!!! Well you can get started now!

*Blogosaurs Extra Credit :O*

If you are blogosaur and have your blog on the blogroll then if you put one of these two banner on your blog you will get 3 extra votes automatically on the poll at the end of the contest :O


<a href=”http://rahuu.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/halloween-contest/”><img title=”rahuu.wordpress” src=”http://rahuu.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/rahuu-wordpress1.png&#8221; alt=”” width=”157″ height=”188″ /></a>



<a href=”http://rahuu.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/halloween-contest/”><img title=”Screen shot 2010-10-09 at 3.10.34 PM” src=”http://rahuu.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/screen-shot-2010-10-09-at-3-10-34-pm.png&#8221; alt=”” width=”401″ height=”70″ /></a>


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I'm Back!

Hey Guys, I havn’t been posting in the last weeks because ive started school. So my schedule was filled, my Mum and Dad wouldnt let me go on the omputer for long, I have a school project that has to be submitted by Nov 4th so you see why I havnt been posting. But now i’m back and I will try my best to post as much as i can



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BlugginDinos background

Hey Guys, my good friend BlugginDino asked me to make hima  background, here it is:


Do ya like it? comment guys!


[Update:There was a misunderstanding it was supposed to be at banner xD]

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Egg Hunt Cheats!

Heres the sit back and relax hunt  cheats!

  1. Gushing Geyser – Pterry
  2. Soggy Bottom Swamp – Dakosaurus
  3. Carniverous Cavern – Tao Temple
  4. Prairie Pool –  October 3
  5. Dino Dunes – Duster’s Hangout
  6. Sub Alpine Forest – Vesuvius Shop
  7. Sanoran Sands – Rumble Rocks Cave
  8. Webo Ridge – Lizard Lounge
  9. Hillside Canopy – Taco
  10. Forest Floor – Food And Poo’d Pet Shop


You get a MEGA awesome COMPLETELY bluggin’ item…A INFLATEABLE CHAIR!


This easily is the best Webosaurs Item ever! (even better than the diet swamp juice!)

~from smurfy


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Webosaurs Intro Movie

Hey guys,

Check out what I made!

Comment if you liked it and stuff!


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